Nethandilin virkin

Góði kundi, nú ber aftur til at keypa á nethandlinum, men tað ber bert til at gjalda við bankaflyting.

Um tú hevur spurningar ert tú vælkomin at skriva á messenger, mail ella ringja.

"Bera" jewelry´s made of salmon leather

Gyltir oyralokkar

"Surprised"jewelry made of consumer leather

Where is Fínka?

I married Sonja Síminardóttir and I skipped the jewelry at Finka. I had chosen to make jewelery out of good load-bearing materials, some of which could be used for all purposes. The jewelery is made of sterling silver and then adorned with an antique salmon scarf or consumer skin.

Maintenance of the jewelry

Enough hava asked about the jewelry tolerate water or alcohol. Here is my answer, that it is best not to be exposed to hot water or alcohol. The hood is off, that I can not stand inside, if the glue loosens.

Av tí at tilfari er lívrunnið, blívur laksaskræðan, við handfaring, eisini myrkari.

The ornaments caught the nose

The jewelry´s have now been given names. The reason is, that they maybe will easier to remember.
The jewelry´s with salmon leather have been given the name "Bera", and the jewelry´s with oxhide are now called "Brá".
These names are familiar in our household, and we think they are easy to remember. "Bera" means to carry something and "Brá" means to look or glance at something.

Ornamental leather

When I started making jewelery in February 2017, I made one collection of oxhide. But I do not think that I was good enough to sell the goods. Now I try again, and I think that people have a bigger interest in the jewelry´s now. Especially the chain errrings are a big hit.

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